How to stop hair loss in autumn


After the summer, hair requires special care, as it tends to be dry and fall out easily. Discover how to strengthen it to restore its balance and natural shine.

In the autumn months it is common to find numerous hairs in the sink that testify to hair loss. It is not the same as what happens to the leaves of the trees, since this loss of hair is usually the delayed response to the punishment to which it has been subjected in summer: the sun, the salt of the sea, the chlorine of the swimming pools.

With proper care and some cosmetics, hair loss can be minimized and beautiful and shiny hair can be seen.


There are different types of alopecia:

In men the most common is the so-called androgenic alopecia. It is hereditary but, although it is an unstoppable process, its progress can be slowed down.

In women, the reasons for hair loss are usually more varied. They can intervene:

  • Hormonal factors.
  • Mechanical factors: those collected such as braids, ponytails or bows, among others, can promote hair loss.
  • Chemical causes: dyes and perms weaken hair.
  • Physical causes: A very common one is the excess of dryer, since it eliminates disulfide bridges, which are what give structure to the hair fiber.
  • Psychic factors: they can range from stress to a lack of nutrients in the hair bulb or poor capillary circulation.

In addition, there are other more complex alopecia, such as traumatic ones, especially antineoplastic ones.


To stop hair loss in autumn, the first thing to guarantee is a complete and varied diet with:

  • Fresh vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Whole grains.
  • A sufficient number of proteins of high biological value that provide all the amino acids necessary for hair growth.


Natural cosmetics help to balance the hair state by eliminating excess fat that obstructs and drowns the hair follicle, providing vitamins and other nutrients, and promoting the stimulation of blood circulation.

Sometimes the problem in autumn is not so much the lack of hair but its straight or rough appearance, without shine. This is usually due to excess dryness.

There are different resources to take care of our hair. The healthier we keep it, the better we will prevent its fall:

  • Facemasks. Masks based on natural oils and waxes can neutralize dryness. These, due to their affinity, are well absorbed by the hair fiber and do not leave a greasy appearance. In addition, they usually incorporate proteins of plant origin, such as those from wheat or rice, which feed the hair.
  • Natural conditioners. To leave hair down, conditioners can be used that eliminate electrostatic charges. Natural conditioners are produced without silicones or derivatives, so they do not choke the hair.
  • Capillary sun protection. You also have to pay close attention to sun protection, for which there are already capillary sun filters on the market that minimize the damage caused by radiation.
  • Keratin. In recent years, keratin hair straightening has become fashionable. It is an expensive treatment, which must always be performed by specialists, no more than three times a year, and making sure before it is free of formaldehyde.
  • Natural Henna. To strengthen the hair, you can also apply a treatment with natural henna, with or without color, which has the particularity of attaching itself externally to the hair and giving it shine and volume.


Natural shampoos have mild surfactants, such as coconut glycoside, which help balance sebum secretion and maintain a proper pH . They also avoid parabens.

Washing is recommended with lukewarm water, massaging the scalp with the fingertips for a while. It rinses well with cold water and dries, preferably with a towel, without scrubbing and avoiding the dryer.


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